The Dare to Light learning concept is not about professional lighting design, enormous installations or rocket science. It is about simple do’s and dont’s to help you use light in your work in a better way. It is about learning and trying out simple, practical things.

We’ve seen what you do. You’re completely awesome in that. But it’s obvious you haven’t really thought about the lights. And that makes us sad. Your awesomeness deserves to be seen in some kick-ass lighting atmosphere instead of some random lights turned on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing on stage, designing an interior, decorating your business or just throwing a party in your living room, lights are a key element to consider. Creative people need to understand how lighting works without feeling like an idiot drowned in bone-dry physics. We want you to know what to want from lighting and to use whatever you have available in the best possible way.

We offer custom-tailored lighting workshops for schools, companies and individuals.  Contact us for a personal offer.

Main workshops
The principles of lighting are similar across different fields, but we have found it practical to design workshops focused on a more specific topic.

Stage arts – theatre, music, dance
Stage lighting with some alternative and experimental approach ideas for all budgets and also site-specific productions. Get the real drama out of your performance!

Interior and events
The good and the bad of light planning in residential and public spaces. Temporary installations. Create a perfect mood atmosphere! Stop being stressed under bad lighting!

Feel safe in a glare-free environment after dark! Bring out the best in your city! Facades, public spaces, road illumination.

Digital media
Lighting for photography and video projects. Better photos, good looking video!

Digital illumination- just as in real life. Lighting and rendering for 3D environments.

Theatre lighting workshop. Client: ECP. Lighting workshop for 3D animation. Client: Tartu Art School

Film lighting workshop. Client: Baltic Film and Media School Art installation workshop. Client: Tallinn Lighting Biennale

It is a misconception that stunning and functional lighting must be expensive and complicated. There are simple ways to make good and affordable lighting happen – all you need is to understand some basics, learn the basic terms and allow yourself to imagine light as a part of your creation!